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New Zealand-native chef to the stars Chef Mike Shand has been responsible for creating superb cuisine for a long list of clients. Clients include Mr. and Mrs. Beyoncé and Jay Z Carter, Adele, Prince, the New Zealand Consulate and so many more. Chef Mike is best known for his famous “Love Baked Wings™”. “Love Baked Wings™” an idea generated while first touring with Beyoncé in 2008 is now an LA-Based restaurant serving crispy baked wings and the original vegan/vegetarian ‘ChickPea Wings™’ all still tour favorites!

— Chef Mike Shand, Long-Time PRIVATe Chef to Mrs. Beyoncé Carter. —


As a Private Chef, Nutritionist, and Restaurant Owner with locations in the U.S. and New Zealand, Chef Mike has been responsible for creating superb cuisine for a long list of clients. Those clients include current clients Mr. and Mrs. Carter and past clients like Adele, Prince, the New Zealand Consulate and so many more. Perhaps Mike is best known for his famous “Love Baked Wings™”. “Love Baked Wings™” was a recipe generated while touring with Beyoncé in 2008.

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A commitment to creating unique, high quality, healthy, one-of-a-kind food experiences is at the heart of everything Chef Mike does. “Love Baked Wings™” and the secret flavor recipe became synonymous with Chef Mike and touring with Beyoncé for the next 10 years.

There was no denying Mikes crispy Baked Wings were a hit! There are now two “Love Baked Wings™” locations in Los Angeles — Hollywood and Downtown with nation wide franchise locations to come!

In addition to “Love Baked Wings™” Chef Mike is the culinary creative force behind “Ha! Poke™” an ethically sourced fish concept with several location in New Zealand. Equally as famous as the baked wings and poke bowls are the one-of-a-kind gluten-free treats like fresh baked cookies and the original vegan/vegetarian ‘ChickPea Wings™’ found at “Love Baked Wings™”. A secret blend of chickpea flour and spices create a seriously delicious craveable wing ANYONE can eat! There’s something for all dietary preferences at each of Mike’s restaurants, it’s important that diners know the force behind their food is a thoughtful educated Chef that really cares.

Photo credit:  @ChefMikeShand

Photo credit: @ChefMikeShand

It all began on his family owned farm in Christchurch, New Zealand. Michael earned money by picking and harvesting the produce of the farm. During the day he snacked on broccoli, tomatoes, and fresh fruit from the farm and at night he found himself avidly watching his Mum prepare dinner with farm fresh produce. His culinary training began as an apprentice in one of the finest Auckland establishments of its time, “MJ’s”— the flagship restaurant by acclaimed Welsh Chef, Michael James. He climbed quickly through the ranks of the fine dining restaurant scene sacrificing sleep and sanity to simultaneously attend university and earn his culinary degree.

It was in 2010 on Beyoncés “I Am” tour, where Chef Mike was offered the position of Private Chef to Beyoncé. Mikes association with the Carter’s includes Personal Tour Chef to Jay-Z on his “BP3” world tour as well as creating the menu at the original “40/40 Club” in New York. Mike continues to work for both Beyoncé and Jay-Z in their private homes and on tour.

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Mike is driven by a passion to harness the abundant nutritional value and flavor of REAL FOOD. Organic, preservative free, no-gmo, natural, ethically sourced, and flavorful are always the focus. Having grown up on a farm he is intuitively inspired to cook sharing the wonders of the fresh sustainable ingredients. Michael recently supported and nourished Beyoncé and Jay-Z through the entirety of their 22 day Vegan challenge and even went as far as making all their dishes both vegan and 100% gluten-free.

Whether preparing an eight course meal for a private client or developing new menu items for any of his fast-casual restaurants Mike’s commitment to cook harnessing the abundant value of sustainably sourced organic ingredients remains steady.

When not touring with the Carter’s Mike frequently travels for work making a point to experience the local food scene in new and interesting restaurants. Other ventures include: Elite Private Chefs a chef placement agency that places exceptional chefs with elite clients. In the kitchen Chef Mike is always working on his passion project of connecting youth with the right food choices, or consulting, or speaking at events aimed at helping people better understand their relationship to one of the most important things in their lives – food.